• Cortland
• Délicieuse jaune
• Délicieuse rouge
• Empire
• Ginger Gold
• Paula Red
• Honey Crisp
• Fameuse
• McIntosh
• Red Cortland
• Royal Gala
• Jersey Mac
• Lobo
• Northern Spy
• Russet
• Spartan
• Wealthy

• Flemish Beauty
• Clapp's Favourite

• Mont-Royal

A wide variety
We have a wide variety of fruit available, including more than 15 types of apples, Flemish Beauty and Clapp's pears and the Mount Royal plum. In addition, most of the apple varieties are available for you-pick, as they come into season.

The earliest apples of the season, known as summer varieties, are the Jersey Mac, which ripens around August 10, followed by the Paulared and the Ginger Gold.

The first fall apple to ripen is the Lobo, which is available for you-pick in early September. It’s followed by the Wealthy, Royal Gala, McIntosh, Red Cort, Spartan, Yellow and Red Delicious, Empire, Cortland, Honey Crisp and, at the very end of the season, the Northern Spy and Russet.

The optimal ripeness varies with the weather conditions throughout the year. If you want to pick several different varieties, you’ll have to visit us several times. We strive to provide our customers with high-quality products, and for this reason we suggest that you pick only varieties that are perfectly ripe.

To read about the available varieties, visit theYou-Pick page.

Integrated fruit production
The Philion family is proud to grow quality apples using methods that protect the environment.

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